About Stella + Ginger


Stella & Ginger is a feminine brand focused on fashion for the individual. We are obsessed with romanticism and love fine details and subtle textures, elevated every day laces and intricate beading. Stella & Ginger designs with clothing rooted in vintage aesthetics, spotted with retro touches, and intertwined with antique detailing all finished in a contemporary mindset. We are inspired by global influences and are known for balancing traditional folk embroideries with modern flowy silhouettes. Stella & Ginger caters to the customer who wants to look effortlessly beautiful no matter the occasion. We are a line that presents pieces that are open to stylistic interpretation. Stella & Ginger in each collection offers a lovely array of textures, silhouettes, and sensibilities. We hope our pieces encourage the wearer to see our designs as a mode of expression and a medium to embellish their day with. Our brand is drawn to using fabrication that really stands out, using the most gorgeous fabrics, from the softest chiffon to sumptuous velvet that marries comfort with high-end style. We at Stella & Ginger want to cater to our customer’s intelligence, creativity, and individuality, while staying dedicated to great quality and affordability.

Stella & Ginger is designed by Lora Burns, whose background in the contemporary market, as design director for Guess, and Halston Heritage, Matthew Williamson’s, to name a few has been instrumental in building a successful foundation in the market place.

Spring 2019 Review

Stella + Ginger Spring 2019 comes from two very different worlds: That opposites-attract energy is palpable in the clothes. Cropped ’70s-style corsets layered with Utilitarian jackets with heavy lace trim and 80’s denim minis shirts spliced with black mesh. The collection has a modern way to give tomboy tendencies a little sex appeal and a more free-spirited attitude with lots of wearable options to choose from. The collection toys with the allure of lingerie slip dressing, pajamas pants and sheer blouses, with the effect that is more cool casual, than coquette vibe. “Hola Barcelona” Edgy matador inspired pants with unexpected cut-lace-trim worn with a Spanish inspired lace shirt, and then styled with kitten heel slippers. Romantic chiffon mini dresses with sheer Edwardian blouses makes the collection feel vintage and modern at the same time with a series of gorgeous, billowy looks that feel elegant. The dresses allude to the skin without giving the game away entirely, with refreshing examples of sheer dressing that could elegantly hold its own in the real world. Embroidered details and tassels are shown through out the collection with rich ethnic brocade trims on jackets and pants, at the same time with a series of gorgeous, billowy looks that feel elegant.